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Introduction: Step2 Kid Alert Makeover

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Our Step2 Kid Alert Visual Warning Signal (aka Turtle Man or Green Man) has seen a few weathered days. He was faded; the stickers were either gone or pealing. He was in need of a complete makeover and that is what I have chronicled for you.

Read on to Makeover your Step2 Kid Alert.

Next Materials

Step 1: Materials

1) Fluorescent Orange paint,
2) Fluorescent Green paint,
3) Fluorescent Red paint,
4) Clear UV protective spray,
5) Reflectors (these are from a broken Triangle Roadside reflector),
6) Letters – 2 of each “S”,”L”,”O”,”W” (these Letters are 3 inches high).

Next Tools

Step 2: Tools

1) Glue,
2) Paint brushes,
3) Cup,
4) Putty Knife,
5) Vice Grip,
6) Fine Sand Paper 120 – 200 grit (Not Shown).

Skill Level:

Now that you have your Materials and Tools, let’s Makeover your Step2 Kid Alert.

Next Removal & Clean

Step 3: Remove & Clean

Remove Cap, reflectors, stickers and flag then clean everything with soap and water.

1) Pry up the push rivet with the putty knife,
2) Remove push rivet with vice Grip,
3) Scrap reflectors with the Putty Knife,
4) Lift off the "Slow!" stickers.

Note: If the glue for the original stickers does not come off with soap and water, use rubbing alcohol.

Next Flag & Cap

Step 4: Flag & Cap

1) Paint the Flag with the Fluorescent Orange paint,
2) Sand the Cap and wipe off the dust with water,
3) Paint the Cap with the Fluorescent Red paint,
4) Apply 2 Coats of Orange and Red paint.

Next Sand

Step 5: Sand

Sand the Green Man with the sand paper, this is to remove any blemishes and provide a ruff service for the paint to adhere better. Remember to sand both sides.

Next Paint Green Man

Step 6: Paint Green Man

Wipe off the dust from sanding with water. Now Green Man is ready for his 2 coats of Fluorescent Green paint.

Follow directions of the paint to let dry and lightly sand between coats. Remember to paint both sides.

Next Restore Green Man

Step 7: Restore Green Man

Now the paint is dry.
1) Glue the reflectors,
2) Attach the letters and
3) Pin the cap.

Remember to attach the reflectors and the word SLOW on both sides.

Then apply 2 coats of sealer on Green Man and the flag to finish the makeover.

Next Observations & Summary

Step 8: Observations & Summary


Does he look marvelous.....

Green Man looks great since the makeover. He makes a bolder statement to go SLOW. With the fluorescent paints he glows more than the original colors. The new reflectors are a better quality. The letters are 3 inches high compared to the original 2 inch high sticker.

The benefits of this makeover are:
1) Inexpensive and easy,
2) The new colors are bold and make him stand out more.
3) The letters are BIG and BOLD.

I am satisfied with the results.

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