Introduction: Stereo

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Need a cheap stereo for your ipod? This one is a quick project.

Step 1: Parts:

Radio Shack Phono(RCA) Jack 274-346 $3.99
Radio Shack Speaker Terminal 274-631 $4.99
Radio Shack DC Power Jack - 274-1576 $2.59
Radio Shack Stand Offs $2.59
Two old 6V wall wart that fits the power jack. Make sure they are the same.. or buy new

2 x Velleman 3W Mono Amp K8066 $10.00
47K Stereo Volume Knob $3
The box the kits come in.
Optional: 2 LEDS
Optional: 2 resistors (2k Ohm)
Optional: Molex KK Connectors

Step 2: Kits

Follow the instructions to build the two kits. But instead of soldering the terminals on, just solder on wires.

Step 3: Its Dremeling Time.

You want to drill some holes in the box.
First drill your holes for the stand offs so you can mount the two boards. I just used two for each.
And drill a hole for your volume knob.

Step 4: More Holes...

Now its time for the rear hookups to be drilled.
Make your two 1/4" holes for the RCA connectors, two holes for power. 1 for the on/off
Now the radioshack stereo speaker hookup thing fits nicely, just line it up and mark with a marker.
I used molex KK connectors and 22awg solid wire to make everything modular, but you could solder everything together and save a buck