Introduction: Stereo 6283 Audio Amplifier Simple

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Hello everyone This is my first instructable and in this I am going to tell you how to make an simple , cheap(maximum 3$ or 180 INR) and good stereo amplifier for listening good sound. For this purpose I am using 6283 IC amplifier board which is easily available in India almost in every electronics shop . It can give output power upto maximum 10Watt . This amplifier is capable to run easily upto 4inch woofers. Normally oval 2.5? speaker woofers are run by this IC . This amplifier is used in various devices like DVD Players,FM Reciver, PC speakers etc.

Step 1: Required Material

  1. 6283 IC audio amplifier board if you won`t get then visit this site for circuit
  2. Adapter or any 12 volt power supply
  3. Enclosure
  4. 100K Potentiometer & knob
  5. AUX Cable
  6. Stereo female pin
  7. RCA female pin
  8. DC female input pin
  9. other requred material like soldering hot glue gun etc.

Step 2: Connecting Wires

Connecting wires as shown in image and connect pot and audio input jack as shown in third image. If you won`t get amplifier board you can make your own from this site

Step 3: Put Everything Inside Enclosure

Get all the stuffs inside the enclosure and solder all the wires and after that at last apply hot glue wherever required and finally put knob on pot

Step 4: Finally!!! Ready for Test!!!

At last connect adapter aux and speaker and enjoyyyy have fun And at last I have also uploaded video of this amplifire . Hope you all enjoy and learn something this is my first instructable and plz vote me for this contest and sry for bad english !!

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