Introduction: Stereo Sound-box Sub-woofer Speaker (first Version) for Mp3 and IPod

My second Instructable is a little sound-box sub-woofer,using the case of the ipod nano,that was inserviveable,and it seems of the right shape and dimension.I opt for the sub-woofer system to bring out more bass, and for an aestetic reason,

Step 1:

At first I open the box and i've take off the transparent dividing that the box, I will use it later .I've cover each sides with adhesive paper, to don't ruin the outside of the box when perforate it.

Step 2: Thr Heart

We arrive at the Heart of the system:to have the loudspeakers widhout spend any money ,i underwent my volunteer to a little operation of removal.As you can see are 0,5 w , 8 ohm loudspeakers and so they are ideal for this operation

Step 3: The Holes

As track for perforate l use the same loudspeakers and a packing for a screwdriver. That have the right distance for that sound-box.(I have to do other hole, because the track doesn't have the right number of holes , so I do a double number of holes.)
In one of the side I want to depict the Apple brand to give more originality to the box.
I performed with a bit of 1 mm in the with an electric screwer ,without lot of power ,because the kind of material is a little bit frail.I' ve done all the holes of 1 mm in the two sides and I've do it again to take off all the slavers.

Step 4:

I' ve done also the holes of 10 mm (about) for the sub woofer and this is the result.
Is no bad ,don't you agree?
Now ,is come the moment to alter the transparent partition wall:from it I've take off the couples.For I-pod with a little saw . I've shape the piece to equal it.
I suggest a little saw because with something other it can be crash.

Step 5: The Spray Work

As paint I've used a black spray opaque but everyone can paint it as you want (if you do it white brand results more).The important thing is that you give more light hand to the box because you avoid the trickle of the paint.

Step 6:

At lost I've found a cable of an old old sound headphones ; I've cut it until the right measure.
I've connect the loudspeakers .I don't think that need an explanation ,you only be care to the polarity.

Step 7:

I' fix and stick in right position the loudspeakers;I've take the divisor,I've paint it , and trim it to makes it in whidout any problem , after I've cropped to measure and makes it in without any problem.

Step 8:

After I,ve lay it to the side part of loudspeakers where I've put the glue to avoid vibration,I've close the box and stop all with cyanoacrilic glue but I've done an side to get out the cable ,naturally before.
A little retouch to the paint and... what do you think about ?

Step 9: The Sound

The sound is sufficiently loud ,high,for an excellent listening and is too clear.
I'm satisfied of my work!
A special thanks to my translator !!
Bye bye,thanks for l'attention from torx!