Introduction: Stereogram Codes - Simple 3D Codes in 2 Minutes!

Hey there!
Ever wondered how people make 3D stuff? Or maybe you just want to code a cool message? Here's a way that has cool stuff from both!

Requirements: Word or any other word processing unit, the ability to do Magic Eye (or similar) puzzles.

Step 1: Open a word document.
Step 2: Create a 1x2 table.
Step 3: Re-size the table so it is fairly thin. The exact width is not important.
Step 4: Type in your hidden message into one box.
Step 5: Put extra text around it to hide the code and copy it into the other box.
Step 6/7: Put any amount of spaces on the left of the code words in the left box, and on the right of the code words in the right box. I've used 3 spaces beside the words in the image.
Step 8: Change the extra text so that all your code words are NOT at the edges of the typing zone (i.e. they are surrounded by other words/characters on the left and right).

Now use your amazing 3D viewing powers to see the text pop out!