Introduction: Sterling Silver Bell Bracelet & Braided Anklet DIY18

Step 1: Put Two Red Cords Together and Fold Them in Half.

Step 2: Tie the Four Red Cords Together With an Overhand Knot.

Step 3: Take Two Cords of Them and Thread a Silver Christmas Bell Pendant on Them.

Step 4: Tie an Overhand Knot After You Threaded the Bell Pendant On.

Step 5: Start Braiding Bracelet by Using the Square Knot (spiral Pattern).

Step 6: Tie an Overhand Knot When Reach Your Desired Length.

Step 7: Repeat the Same Steps 3-4

Step 8: Tie a Flat Knot to Secure Your Bracelet.

Step 9: Thread the Silver Plum Follower Beads on the End of Cords. Then Tie an Overhand Knot. Make Sure the Knot Is Larger Than the Bead So That It Will Never Be Slipped Out of the Cords.

Step 10: Done!

what about this bracelets? Do you like diy bracelets? Have a try! You just follow my detail instructions and yo will make a beautiful diy bracelets for yourself. They are easy and fun to do. Good luck!

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