Introduction: Steve Vai Ice Cream "Vai's Cream"

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Hi folks, fdr1929 here, in this instructable i will show you how to make MY VERSION of the Vai's Cream, the Steve Vai ice cream, this came up after watching an interview with Ann Marie Calhoun, who was the violinist in Steve's band from the String Theories Tour, so she mentions that Steve made an ice cream for the band, and she also says the ingredients but there is no recipe, that's why i made my own version using the ingredients she said on the video.

Step 1: The Ingredients

This is what we need for doing the Vai's cream:

  • 1 Scoup of Vanilla ice cream.

  • 1 Scoup of Chocolate ice cream.

  • 1 Scoup of Chai flavored Vanilla ice cream (optional).

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie bits.

  • Dark Chocolate chunks.

  • Milk Chocolate chunks.

  • Almond Butter.

And here is the video where i got the ingredients from:

Step 2: Making the Ice Cream!

First watch the video, where you can see all the process. So after you have all of the ingredients the first step is to take the almond butter and spread it over the cup walls, then take 1 scoup of chocolate ice cream, place it over the amond butter bed, and put some chocolate chip cookie bits over it, after that put some milk chocolate chunks also over it.

Repeat this same process for the vanilla ice cream, and the chai flavored vanilla ice cream, putting chocolate chip cookie bits and milk chocolate chunks over them. When you finish with the three scoups of ice cream, one for each flavour, just add 3 chunks of dark chocolate around the scoups, and that's all folks, you will have my version of Vai's cream ready for you to enjoy