Introduction: Steven Universe Sword

Hello! I went to Comic-Con last year and I made this sword for my cosplay as Stevonnie.
I have already made the sword so the reference picture might not be to scale or the same as some of the instructions, sorry but I’ll try to make it as close as posible!


You will need:

-cardboard ( 3x 50/12 cm and 1x 15/36 cm) you can change the length if you want

-glue gun and glue sticks

-A bowl, newspaper and glue/water and flour for paper mache

-A sturdy cardboard tube (don’t use a toilet roll tube because it won’t be strong enough)

-You can add a large rhinestone at the bottom of the handle, but it is optional

Step 1: Cutting the Cardboard

Get your card pieces and curve the edge of them, but make sure they are the exact same shape. You can use as many layers as you want, I used three, because I wanted to be able to cut the side to make it more pointed, but it didn’t really work, but I would suggest not going over 3 or 4 because of weight.

( make sure you still have quite a bit of cardboard left for the handle!)

Also you don’t necessarily need to use cardboard, you can use foam board or foam, but cardboard was more accessible to me and it was a lot cheaper.

Step 2: Handle Part

Get your 15/36 cm piece (handle piece) and the blade piece you just cut out.

Mesure halfway across one of the shorter edges and place the blade piece on the half way line and draw from the top of the page to the bottom of the blade piece as represented in the picture above.

Mesure halfway across that line and draw a symmetrical x shape.

Draw a circle that perfectly fits around the x.

Then add a 25 cm line going from the edge of the circle, and curve it as shown in the image.

Step 3: Dome Handle

This step is quite messy, but it’s very fun, so I would suggest that you cover your working surface with newspaper or some kind of cover and maybe wear an apron.

First get a bowl that is the right size for the blade.

( I would also cover the bowl in baking paper so that you can get it off the bowl afterwards, because the first time I tried, it got stuck, and I had to leave it in the rain to get it off)

Make your glue by mixing water and flour in around a two to one ratio or just use normal glue, but the first way is advised.

Tear your newspaper into strips and coat them in the glue, then layer it onto the bowl.

(Don’t do it all at once, it won’t dry if you add too many layers so it’s best to do it in 2 or 3 parts)

After it’s dried, take it off the bowl and remove the grease proof paper.

Draw your blade end onto the dome and cut it out so that you can fit the blade through for support.

Step 4: The Handle

I am making a scale model of the sword, because it would take too long to make a new one, but the image attached is a representation of how you will need to cut the thick cardboard tube ( don’t use toilet rolls, they are to flimsy)

Step 5: Painting

Now you need to paint each individual piece.

I have attached a picture of my sword, and have left a link for a good reference picture, and you can search ”roses sword” in google images to find other reference pictures.

Step 6: Assembly

Now you need to assemble everything.

Cut a hole in the larger circle of the handle bottom, the same size as the cardboard tube.

Glue the blade into the tubes indents, and the tube into the handle bottom.

Slide the dome down the blade and glue to the handle bottom.

Optional: Finally glue the rhinestone onto the bottom of the sword and attach paper petals so it looks like a rose.


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