Introduction: Paper Sticks

Fast and easy way to make paper into a sturdy building material for small projects such as miniature bridges, paper crossbows, or anything else you can think of.

Step 1: Materials

Paper (preferably computer paper)
Tape (Scotch Tape works best, but any works)
Flat Surface
Hands (At least two would work best)

Step 2: The Corner

First of all get your tape ready. Start with a corner of the paper. Any corner will work. The try to get it in about an inch and remember to try to keep it as tight as you possibly can for maximum strength. Once your done that don't let go, if you have already let go you know what the result is...failure.

Step 3: The Middle

As you continue to roll the paper remember to keep it tight. If it slips any it would be good to restart. I like to use both hands, hence the reason I recommended two hands. I use mainly my finger tips to continue the roll. Try to keep the flat paper on the right and left side somewhat equal.

Step 4: Other Corner

When you get close to the corner place the tape on the outside of the corner, then continue to roll over the tape. It should stick to the tape. Your almost done!

Step 5: Clean It Up

You may have noticed that the ends are sort of weak. We are now going to take care of that. Give it the pinch test which is just the ends lightly until you find the area where it feels stronger, it shouldn't be to far in. Then trim the pinched piece off.

Step 6: You Need It Stronger?

You can repeat the same steps as before but now start with two sheets at once or as many as you need. The more sheets the more strength. These Sticks o' Paper can be very strong if made correctly, and always remember to keep the paper tight. Have fun.