Introduction: Stickibeats

Stickibeats is a DIY AR kit for children to play and create their own music.


1 Ply Cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard

1 X 18cm long dowel (6mm wide)

1 X Wheel Strip


3mm Plywood

1 X Stickibook

Sticker Paper

Cutting Mat & Pen Knife


Glue Gun

Step 1: Laser Cut & Raster Cardboard

Laser cut the main body of the music kit, and raster the guiding lines for folding.

Step 2: Score Folding Lines

Lightly score the indicated folding lines with a penknife. Do not cut through.

Step 3: Glue Phone Bed Together.

Stacking the cardboard pieces, glue the pieces with the glue gun and ensure that the thinner strips are on the left while the other broader strip is on the right. The base piece should have the cut-out hole on the top.

Step 4: Glue Phone Bed to Side Flaps.

Align the phone bed (with the cut-out hole facing down) to the cardboard side nearest to with the window. Glue the side flaps onto the phone bed accordingly as you assemble the main body of the box.

Step 5: Glue Down the Side Flap to Form a Box.

Apply glue to the side flap. Tuck it inside the wall of the cardboard box to form the main body.

Step 6: Tuck in Top and Bottom Flaps.

Finish the assembly of the box by tucking in the top and bottom flaps.

Step 7: Laser Cut and Glue Cardboard Circles Together.

Laser cut the circles as provided in the attached template. Glue and stack 18 pieces of the circles together to make a wheel.

Step 8: Glue on the Wheel Strip and Corrugated Cardboard.

Print and cut the wheel strip as provided in the attached template. Glue it around wheel perimeter. Cutting pieces from the single face cardboard, glue them in between the blank spaces on the strip.

Step 9: Glue Corrugated Cardboard to the Insides.

Cut two 15cm X 2cm corrugated cardboard strips and fold in half. Glue them to the insides of cardboard as shown.

Step 10: Print and Laser Cut the Rest of the Necessary Materials.

More instructions are provided in the Stickibook (which you may print on normal/sticker paper!) as attached. Print and (laser) cut all the rest of the necessary materials. Put them together in the box, and you have the AR muscial toy kit!