Introduction: Stirling Engine Powered Fan

In today's instructable, I will showing you how to create a Stirling engine powered fan that runs using candle power. The materials used are readily//easily available materials.

  • 2ml Glass syringe
  • Glass Testube
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Bicycle spokes
  • Fuel tube
  • Balloon
  • Ball bearing

Step 1: Create Flow Path for Power Piston

This is a critical step since this involves drilling of T-junction inside a rubber cork. Measurements are shown in the image. Be very careful, sometimes the rubber cork may break into pieces.

Measurements are:

Rubber cork length= 35mm

Fuel tube length= 270mm

Step 2: Make Displacer Piston, Assemble All Together

Displacer piston:

Total height of the displacer piston is about 85mm and the diameter is about 20mm. Create this using A4 sheet, this wont bend so easily and maintains the cylinder shape. Once you have created the displacer piston close the open ends with a piece of cardboard

Important: Make sure the displacer piston is leak proof. It must be completely sealed.

Rubber Balloon: After cutting the rubber balloon as shown in the picture. Make a hole at the centre of the balloon using a safety pin. Now insert the Nylon fishing thread through this hole and attach the thread end to the displacer piston.

Note: The length of nylon fishing thread is 200mm.

Important: Make sure the rubber balloon hole with thread is leak proof. Apply some oil so that the thread slides smoothly.

The stroke length in the video is about 30mm. For the mentioned dimensions of displacer piston this stroke length must be used else there will be unswept volume in the engine, which results in power loss.