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Introduction: Stirred Omelet

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Sometimes you don’t have many time to cook. But you still want to make a quick and healthy meal!
Make a stirred omelet!
It’s easy to make and tastes delicious!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

-3 table spoons of milk
-2 tomatoes
-1 onion
-1/3 of a zucchini
-1 paprika
-3 eggs
-1 clove of garlic
-some herbs (oregano, basilica, thyme)
-1 knife
-1 pan (not at the photo)
-1 wooden spoon (not at the photo)
-1 mixer (not at the photo)

Step 2: Step 1

Take away the peel and cut the zucchini, paprika, tomatoes, onions and garlic in pieces.

Step 3: Step 2

Now mix the 3 eggs and the milk 2 minutes with a mixer.

Step 4: Step 3

Fry the vegetables with olive oil for 3 minutes at a medium fire.
Make sure they are done at both sides!

Step 5: Step 4

Now add the mix of eggs and milk to the vegetables.

Step 6: Step 5

Look regularly if the bottom is dry.
When it is dry, turn it around and stir it constantly for 4 minutes at a low fire!

Step 7: Final Step

Now your delicious meal is ready!
Serve it with some herbs, pepper and salt.

Enjoy your meal!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    You don't have to peel the squash : it adds a little green and you keep the vitamins ! ;D
    The mixer can be seen as of little use by some : a bowl and a fork can mix eggs and milk as fast and is effortless. It is just a matter of having the eggs whites and yolk mixed. In our family we even go faster as we break the eggs direct in the pan and add a squirt of milk and mix the whole thing while it cooks … goes very fast.
    Also, some will prefer the omelette (or stirred / scrambled eggs) less dry as shown by Tuinopo80 : no problem stop the cooking process earlier !…

    Anyway I am positively sure this is a healthier breakfast than the French café crème and croissants.