Stitch Your Own Jewelry



Introduction: Stitch Your Own Jewelry

Wife made this fun jewelry. Made this cloth Jewelry all gluing and stitching.

Step 1: Materials

Most of the things will be found around the house


Canvas (yes the ones we paint on)

Fabric glue

Art and craft Glass

Sewing thread and needles

Colored cloths

Step 2: Cut the Hardener

Take a card stock paper and cut some stencils which will be used if you make more than one same things.

Use the stencil to mark and cut the canvas as per requirement.

Step 3: Covering

Tale a soft colored cloth and cut around the canvas. Make sure to cut extra to fold in on the canvas.

Glue your glass pieces as required on the cloth. Sew patterns around the glass as per your liking. We used some easy chain stitches to make a sun pattern.

After you are satisfied with your sewing, glue the cloth to the canvas and also tuck and glue the loose ends inside.

You can draw your pattern with pencil before you sew to get a proper regular design.

Step 4: Folding

After the glue dries, fold the design so that all the glued parts are hidden and close with an appropriate stitching pattern.

Pass a thread through the design you just made which now looks like a medallion. Tie or pass some beads on the thread and you are almost done. Close the thread endings with a small bead. Sew some pompom or metal danglers below the medallion to make it heavier.

Step 5: Another Design

Wife made another awesome design. The designs are getting better with new ideas. Will make some more.

If you get what we were doing, make some of your own!

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