Introduction: Stitch a Plastic Stool

Do you have some plastic material that needs Fixing?

There was nothing else to do apart from reading books, doing daily house chores during this Lock-down, had a broken plastic stool that looked very very ugly. Thought to myself do i get rid of it or do i fix this.

Well we always have a soft spot for nature so instead of trowing the stool which will eventually reach the landfill got it stitched with a Needle and a strong Tread.

Step 1: Materials Needed to Stitch

  • Needle
  • strong Tread (copper Wire) to tread the needle
  • Rotary Tool to drill holes
  • sharpie (Marker) to mark holes

Step 2: Draw Few Dots on Both the Ends

i used a different method to mark holes in the video

you could either do the same or do it as per your judgment

Step 3: Use a Rotary Tool to Drill Holes

You could either use a rotary tool or if you do not have one, you could simple make the tip of the nail hot on the Gas (Handel it carefully ) use a rag to hold one side of the nail

Suggestions: Try finding a long and thin nail so you won't hurt your hand and thin because the holes should be thin so the tread can block the hole while stitching, but keeping in mind not very thin you want to make sure the needle goes through

Step 4: Stick the Broken Piece Together (Recommended)

A strong Adhesive could be used to stick the broken parts together, so you do not have to worry holding the part while stitching

Step 5: Start Stitching

well at this point you can play some upbeat music or some soft soothing music while you stitch ;-)

start stitching the holes or the pieces together in any pattern as you like

but watch the video so that you get a fair idea on stitching

Step 6: Voila! Your Done That's It

Give Your Self a Clap