Introduction: Stocks Made Easy

These Halloween Prop Stocks can be made in just a couple of day (including waiting for the glue and finish to dry). 
Materials are:

two, three foot long pieces of 2 x 6
one, eight foot 2 x 4 plus a few pieces
one, strap hinge
one, hasp
assorted screws and bolts
glue and finish

Step 1:

Because storage is limited, I wanted the stocks to break down flat so I constructed it in four pieces.

The head piece is made of two, three foot long pieces of 2 x 6 hinged together and closed with a hasp.  I clamped the pieces together, measured for the head and hand holes and cut them out.  I then glued and screwed guides on the back and front faces.

The base is a simple 2 x 4 "H".

I wanted the middle of the head hole to be about four feet above the ground so I measured the uprights accordingly.  I also wanted the head piece to come off easily so although I bolted the uprights to the base, where they held the head piece I made saddles out of short pieces of  2 x 4 for the head piece to fit into.    

Step 2:

Finally after "distressing" the stocks with chain and hammer, I applied a dark oil stain to seal the wood.  Because wrought iron fitting are EXPENSIVE!  I painted the hinge and hasp flat black to simulate iron. 

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