Introduction: Stone Age Beer Mug

This is a must have custom stein

Step 1: Pick Out the Rock

This is the critical part. Pick a rock that is flat on one side(bottom) and the rest is just your own personal taste. I like this one because of the potential for a handle.

Step 2: Sculpting the Boulder

Big hammer drill
3-9/16" core bit
1" drill bit
One inch chisel
Vegetable oil

As you can tell, this was all hilti. Drill, chisel, repeat. That is the hole.
I wanted a handle hole. So I laid it on its side and made one and a half holes. Yes, I broke the handle off trying to be cute. Nothing a little gorilla glue can't fix

Step 3: Gluing the Handle Together

Putting the handle back on.
If you have never used gorilla glue before, then, I will testify for it. I have fixed a lot of stuff with it. And now I can add granite to the list. Just remember it swells. Use clamps in every direction or it will make a huge mess.

Step 4: Cleaning and Oiling

I don't have any pics for this part. I washed it first with trisodiumphosphate. Then soaked it in dish washing soap. Then rinsed with water
After all the cleaning I massaged in a granite sealer. Last rubbed with vegetable oil. And rinsed clean.

Step 5: First Beer

I really expected to pour this half down my shirt. But by accident got a really good rim on one side. I don't know if I drank it fast because it was a hot august day or I had a twenty pound rock above my head. Either way it turned out pretty good.

Step 6: Voiala

I think Fred Flintstone would give an approval on this.

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