Introduction: Stone Necklace

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You may call me a nerd but I find some small stones and rocks extremely awesome. When I collected some stones off a beautiful beach I was inspired to make something fantastic out of them. I thought making them into necklaces would be the best way to show them off.

Step 1: Collect the Stones

You should go to a pebbly beach and collect different sized stones. By collecting a variety this provides lots of choice when making. Collect stones which you think look the most interesting as these will make the best necklace.

Step 2: Drill the Hole

To drill the stone I used a dremel with some diamond tipped parts. You should spray the rock while you are drilling down. This is because the drill head will get very hot. I used WD-40 to spray the rock but a constant spray on water would work the exact same. If you do not have a dremel then you could add some resin to the top of the rock which the string could go through.

Step 3: String It Up

The best thread to use is linen thread. This thread is very hard to break and is commonly used for this kind of necklace. To thread it up you should poke both ends of the thread through the hole in the rock. Then you should pull both ends through the loop in the other side of the thread.

Step 4: Tie the Knot

Next the adjustable knot needs to be tied. I have tried to show how to tie the knot through the images. First you need to overlap one side of the string. Then you need to rap it round once or twice before poking it back through the loop. you have to tie this knot twice so that it is fully adjustable. I am a visual learner and would rather be shown how to tie a knot. If you don't understand how to tie it I'm sure there will be lots of videos of adjustable knots on youtube. Make sure to trim any exes string with some scissors.

Step 5: Finished!

Now you can wear the necklace with pride. I found that this necklace looks best on light clothing as it is a dark stone and is more visible. If you used a lighter stone it might look better on a darker background. I hope you enjoyed reading. :)