Introduction: Stone Wall Using Concrete for Flower-Beds & Lawns

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Hi guys, New here this is my entry for the concrete competition.

Step 1: Prep Work

First you will need to clean up any stones you will be using for your border, Using a pressure washer Jet away any dirt or old masonry Paint.

Second you will need to dig a 6-8 Inch trench In the front of your flower bed.

After digging is complete, Proceed too clean up all loose soil In & around the trench.

Then dampen down the ground, Using a Watering Can or Hose.

---- just Fill the trench with water to make sure the ground is sufficiently damp.----

Step 2: Prep Complete, Now Let's Begin.

It's time now to place some old dead concrete, Small stones, Broken Bricks etc.
Place them into the bottom of your trench, Knock them down firmly and spread them out evenly throughout the trench. Doing this will add strength to the Stone wall Later. Giving them a solid foundation to rest upon.

Now position the large rocks that you are using for your boarder, Using some Stones/Ballast to help you wedge and balance them into there desired resting position.

Step 3: Let the Concreting Begin

Now mix up some Concrete.

-- A strong concrete mix would be something like 1:3:5 (Cement, Sand, Coarse Gravel). --

But in this Instance we will be using a 1:2 Ratio -- (Cement, Sand)

Depending on weather conditions when you begin concreting dampen down the bottom
Of your trench and the broken Stones you placed in the bottom. This will help the concrete Stick.

Now down both sides of the large rocks that you are using for your boarder, you will need to trowel in some concrete, So with your trowel in hand hold it sideways & In a chopping motion, Chop and push the concrete into the gaps surrounding the stones this will help you get Into all the gaps and hollows.

Then using the trowel again, Render up the back of the stones leaving a thick bottom that tapers up into a thinner top.

Make sure you fill in all the gaps between the stones and render it flush to stop any soil from falling through the gaps.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Now the concreting is done, It's been left to get hard all you need to do is Backfill the trench with the soil you dug out earlier,

You can now proceed to paint your completed wall with masonry paint & enjoy your new border, Add some flowers (If it's Season) & some solar lights always help's brighten it up.

-Congratulations, You have Just Built a Concrete Stone Wall / Flower bed Edge for your Flower Bed.

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