Stone-o-Electric Generator

Introduction: Stone-o-Electric Generator

Stone-o-Electric Generator is project where an alternative idea for, minimizing the usage of conventional sources of energy and, enhancing the usability of the resource which can be utilized ultimately. As it is obvious to everyone that construction work is being one of the, top leading, economically growing sector all over the world.Even if all the construction work has been done all over the world, after a decade or more there will be a time where rework has to be done. And its materials are obviously in demand. While we meet that demand it should sound economic too. As there is a possibility for producing electricity through this means and utilizing for reducing the usage, rather than saying it as a usage we shall mention it as a wastage,so we can do thumbs up and follow it up.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • Foam Sheet
  • Cycle spokes
  • Plastic spoons
  • A DC motor
  • A voltmeter
  • A cutter
  • Flex Bond
  • Small Motor Belt
  • Two small pulleys

Step 2: How to Make

Hey guys sorry for not supporting you with many pics at the start, but from my next project I'll make it sure with pics. First take the foam sheet and cut it with a cutter in the appropriate size as required. If you guys notice the pic, definitely you will get some idea on how to take your measurements. Then glue it up and make it stiff with some support till it dries up(hardly it might take up a few seconds).Make two stands for fixing the turbine which you are gonna make.This stand design is up to the maker.

TURBINE: Then with certain radius cut 2 pieces of circles and make a hole at the center.Now fix the plastic spoons tightly to one of the circle piece which you had made and cover it up with another piece.

Now take one cycle spoke and insert it through the hole made on the turbine, fit one of the pulley through the spokes and put the belt over the pulley and then finally fix it up between the stands which was made.

Then take a container for placing the DC motor and place it suitably. And fix another one pulley to the axle of the DC motor and place it above the container. Now put the belt around the motor.

Fix the wires between the two terminals of the DC motor and the voltmeter.

Now while the turbine start rotating a small deflection is seen on the voltmeter.

Step 3: Its WORKING

It is a device where the turbine is fixed in the pit where the stones are pilled up for the process of breaking into different sizes which is required for the purpose of construction. Actually, while the stones are taken to certain height to put it into the pit, at that height, it has some P.E , with which it starts to fall into the pit. It hits the turbine and it starts rotating. The roller(or gear) attached with the rear shaft will rotate the high-speed shaft which helps to rotate the generator (here DC motor). Hence due to rotation of the rotor it creates electric current. Although it is the same mechanism of wind mill and hydro electric generator, now it matters where it plays the role.

Step 4: Advantages

  • In the place of quarrying we get electricity from Govt. for many purposes.
    For Example: For the process of quarrying, for street lights’ at night, for house where watchman stays and etc. . From the above the little part ie: electricity for street lights’ or for the house can be taken from what we generate.

    From doing this annually 5000kW of usage of power is reduced from coal mines and other sources, which induces the saving of coals and other natural fuels for our future generation.

  • Reduces the expense for electricity.

  • Good source for quarry owners.

  • Reduces the destruction of arable lands.

  • Additional factor of power production.

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