Introduction: Stool Tower

The Stool Tower

Seat dimension: Length 28 X Width 17 X Thickness 3 centimeters

Tower structure dimension: (Top: Length 8 X Width 8) (Base: Length 25 X Width 25) X Height 50 centimeters

The object of this stool started from a bicycle seat with four legs. The design concept is to use Eiffel tower as its base. The shape is basic that have a long shaft and 4 legs. So in order to make it work, you need to adjust the proportion and scale of the tower that fit human proportion.

The stool tower are made of 2 sections, there are wood seat and leg structure.

Supplies that you need to do the “Stool tower” project.

1. Any kinds of hard wood.

2. Wood glue.

3. Nail air gun.

4. Spray paint (red, white, and blue color).

5. Coconut oil (cold pressed).

Step 1: The Drawing

Steps and process of how to make the "stool tower"

1. At first you need to scale drawing to the proportion that we can sit and make sure that you adjusted the top of the tower wide enough for the bike post to fit inside and the 4 legs is spread out (Not too wide, I use 25 centimeters)

Step 2: 1:1 Scale

2. The tower’s structures are made of 3 Parts include Top section, Middle section, and bottom section (Base). The easiest way is to cut all the wood the same depth or thickness, and need to refer to the elevation drawing in 1:1 scale.

Step 3: Cut the Wood to Size

3. After all the wood are cut, you need to sand, group them to size and make sure that you label according to the elevation drawing (4 sides)

Note: each wood have end side and grain side.

Step 4: Bike Seat

4. Next you should start to make the bike seat (same depth) by tracing from the bicycle seat. Then you need to arrange the wood piece according to the bicycle seat and leave the seat’s post in the middle. Then use wood glue to glue all the pieces and clamp it over night.

Step 5: Make the Seat

5. Trace outline of the bicycle’s seat that make from paper on the wood seat, then cut off in to shape and use the sander to sand in to the shape that you want, But you need to sand a little bit at the time, if press too hard the sander will take off too much of the wood. After finished sanding then drill 2 square holes and wood peg in the seat post for adjust the seat height and glue to the seat. Sometimes you need to stop and need to look at the original bicycle’s seat to compare to the wooden seat.

Note: do not glue the seat’s post to the bicycle just yet.

Step 6: Builting the Tower

6. Next is to build the tower the stool structure. First you need to start on each leg by stack up each wood piece by applying wood glue and then use nail gun to make sure, it will stay in place. Start one leg at the time, it will twist, but you need to twist them back before let it dry. The middle sections, you glue and use nail air gun 1 piece of wood at the time on every side by stack the wood piece around four corners. Doing this way it is easy to see, if the wood will not twist. The last is top section, this part is easy to do, just stack the 2 wood pieces at the time and then do the other side, but when it almost to the top you need to make sure to leave enough space, so that the seat post will fit. Then you need to spray paint blue, white, and red color and a different wood piece that the wood peg will go through.

Note: You need to be sure that you turned the wood pieces opposite direction in each leg as you go. When using nail air gun make sure that the flat nail need to go parallel to the wood grain.

Step 7: Finishing With Coconut Oil

7. Now the stool tower should finish, for the finishing that I used is to apply coconut oil (cold pressed) on to the wood and let it soak in for a bit and then apply more coated of coconut oil until it look wet and shine.

Special Thanks to; Mr. Sakorn, Mr. O, Mr. Noom