Stop-Motion Claymation

Introduction: Stop-Motion Claymation

stop-motion is when you have a figure and you move them little at a time.Every time you move them you take

a picture.Once you have taken all of the pictures you put them together to make a video.

Step 1: The Set

The town we made is called crooks.We used paper to make the buildings ,for the buildings we used only black,white,and gray.For the waterwe paintedit with the colors that we mixed.We used sand to make the beach.That is how we made the set.

Step 2: Creating the Stop-motion Video

1-when we made the movie we first thought out the characters and the scene.

2-then we made the set.

3-then we made our fierce but lovable characters.

4-then we practiced our scene.

5-then we finally made the actual film.

Step 3: Final Product

We combined all of the still images into a video and added sound effects.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Stop motion is so neat. Thank you for sharing your tips!