Introduction: Stop Motion Pro 8 Tutorial

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So far all of my animations I've done so far have been made Stop Motion Pro 8 so I decided to do a tutorial about it.

This will hopefully help you out with your animations!

Step 1: Open the Program.

So the first thing you'll need is to think of your animation and all of your props you'll need. Now open up the program and folly my steps and you'll be on your way!

Step 2: Creating and Naming Your Animation

When you open Stop Motion Pro 8,a window will appear, asking what you'd like to do. Click 'Create new production/shot', then 'ok.'You can name your production and show whatever you like, then again, click ok! Once you've clicked that, a new window should open, the capture type should be video/webcam,the size, 1200x720 is my choice.Then click ok

Step 3: Taking Frames

Now your screen should look like the picture, with your animation in the top left corner. Make sure you're on 'live' which you can do by clicking on the rectangular button on the tool bar. Then click on the button that has the projector on it to take a picture.

Step 4: Congratulations

Alright! you've started animating, on the left side of the tool bar it'll tell you how many frames you have. The rectangle button on the left of the 'Live' button is your stored frames, if you click that you'll go to your stored frames. The play button beside the stored frames will play all of your frames you have so far.

Step 5: