Introduction: Stop Motion Movie

Hi.Im new here.i have decided to make a stop motion movie.I'm only 8.u need an ipad iPhone or computer. I would choose ipad.u need the stop motion app to do this.

Step 1: Lets Get to Work!!!

First get the app I'm pretty sure it's free.then tap on the plus sign thingy.then grab ur characters or Lego people.ok then start moving ur character a tiny bit and take a picture. Keep doing this throughout the stop motion movie.

Step 2: Things U Need

-2 halo people (toys) -2 halo guns (toys) -white toy wolf (any color) -deer, moose, or elk (toy) -cell phone case or holder -toy cage ( used for my toy dinosaurs) -napkin or tissue

Step 3: What Do U Do With the Napkin???

Just fold up the napkin to the size of the cell phone case or holder.then shove the napkin into the cell phone case or holder so then it should look like a bed.

Step 4: The End

Before u make the movie, just find a cool scenery like ur backyard or ur pool. If u wanna make like some type of monster movie place ur character in one of ur pets cages. For example, while I was making my movie i placed my character in my dog's paws while he was laying down. It looked kinda funny. Just be careful ur pet does not eat or shred ur character to pieces!!!

Step 5: Special Features

If u make a superhero movie u can attach your character to a thin piece of string.sorry I don't know how to spell "attach". Or if U make ur character swim u can do the same thing.