Introduction: Stop That Annoying Boombox!

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Have you ever had a coworker that insisted on playing his/her boombox way too loud, or plays the most annoying music imaginable? Or worse yet, both?? Sure you have. Here's a way to send a not-too-gentle hint to said coworker that not everyone shares his tastes.

This assumes you've already politely asked him to turn the #%$ thing down, and gotten no response. If he's rude enough to play his music like that, he's also rude enough to ignore your requests for peace and quiet.

Unlike another trick I once considered (Using super glue on the volume knob), this will do no permanent damage to the noise bully, or his execrable equipment. The best part is that all you need is a tiny piece of transparent tape, and about a minute of time when he's away.

Step 1: Find Where It Plugs In

This will only work with things that are plugged in to AC power. Follow the cord to the outlet.

Step 2: Wait Till the Coworker Is Out of the Room

Wait until your coworker is out of earshot; This will only take a few seconds, so you shouldn't have to wait long for an opportunity.

Unplug the previously located plug.

Step 3: Get Some REAL Tape

This prank works much better if you use the transparent tape (The stuff that's clear and shiny), rather than the "Magic" tape. Magic tape is too easy to see, and more importantly, it's pretty flimsy. The clear stuff is a lot stronger.

Clear packaging tape will probably work too.

Step 4: Apply the Tape

Pull off an inch or so of the tape, and neatly wrap it around one prong of the AC plug. (No need to do both prongs, but you can if you want to!) Wrap it all the way around the prong once or twice. If you put it on neatly and don't leave a "tail," it will be virtually un-noticable. This forms an insulating layer that will prevent the radio from getting any power.

Step 5: Plug It Back In, and Enjoy the Silence!

Now, all you have to do is plug it back in the way you found it, and try not to smile when the coworker tries to figure out what's wrong! At some point in time, you might want to magically "fix" it, otherwise the jerk might just throw it away and buy another one. Then again, it depends on how big of a jerk he is...

Note: This may not work well in industrial-type outlets because they grip the prongs much more aggressively and may pierce the tape. Works well in household-type outlets, though.

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