Introduction: Stop Your Children From Gaming While Studying

Playing video games is a big problem that students have while they should be studying. Lots of students suffer from playing games instead of studying which gets them bad grades. Parents are angry and worried about their child, so they decided to take away the games but that won't help much, some kid just can't control themselves. You might ask, why don't their parents just sit behind them and spectate them while they're working? Not all parents have time to watch their children 24/7. Thus, I decided as an addicted gamer, I would use myself in order to try to counter myself with Arduino. I started by making lots of other things but I have came to a conclusion of making a device that is external instead of internal so that these addicted children won't find a way to disable it. So lastly I came up with the idea to use thermal detection.


1.1x Arduino Board

2.1x Arduino Heat Sensor

3.1x Arduino Speakers




7.6x crocodile clip wires

Step 1: Step One

Follow the picture and connect the wire to where it should be, please do make sure that things are where it should be so that you don't make a unrevertable mistake! p.s. DO NOT have your wires hanging around while moving them, it might cause a major breakdown and your Arduino will become unusable.

Step 2: Step Two

Cover the whole Arduino Circuit with cardboard Box, that means that it could be any kind of box but in my opinion shoe boxes are the best choice out of all! Then, decorate it to make it look better! Some tips for you, the speakers and the sensor has to be sticked nicely so that it won't drag around while you are moving it.

Step 3: Step Three

Lastly, put the sensor behind the laptop where the cooling system, or the fan is. It doesn't have to be really close up to the fan since your sensor might melt if kept there unused for too long. The fans of laptop are extremely powerful. Do not underestimate it.

Step 4: How to Use?

After the device is successfully planted behind the laptop or computer you will be aiming for, make sure the sensor is placed right behind it so that the heat will be immediately detected. If a game such as rainbow 6 siege or a large software is launched. That means that the fan will automatically start and the heat inside the computer will be ejected and the computer will run smoother. The heat is the key, once the sensor on our device senses the heat to a certain level, the speaker will roar and you will be able to know that the computer is either running a game or editing a video, anyway nothing that a student is supposed to be doing while working.