Introduction: Stop-contamination Tap Handles

Turn knobs on your tap into handles to turn the water on or of with your arm or elbow. Using polymorph plastic and a lever


To make these handles on your faucet, you'll need

- polymorph plastic (you can buy some online) - a thin and long object for the handle, I used a dessert spoon with a long handle - hot water - cold water - something to lift the protective cap if your tap has one (like a small flat screwdriver)

Step 1: Remove the Caps

Find the small opening in the cap and remove it. Don't remove the inside of the knob!

If your knobs don't have this kind of cap, skip this part. You'll directly wrap your knobs with polymorph later

Add the polymorph to the hot water, it will become transparent and moldable at 60 celsius. Do not stick you're hands in the hot water, use something to scoop it out. If the water is too hot, the plastic will stick too much: leave it to cool. It soft as chewing gum

Apply the plastic to the knob and fuse the lever/spoon into it. Alignment: make sure to use an angle that allows enough movement to open the taps.

The plastic will turn white as it cools and regains it strenght.

Simply pour hot water on the material to soften it again (or to remove and start over). The cooling process can be fastend by pouring cold water on the plastic that allowsit to fixate it in the correct position (it might bend when not supported while it's still warm).

The video shows my Dutch tutorial which shows part of the shaping process.

Don't burn your hands on the water. Please

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