Introduction: Storage Container Holders

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So I needed to do something with more storage containers. I needed a way to be able to access the bottom of the pile and to stack them and have them all accessible.

Now if you make this for your own storage containers you will need to make your own measurements as every storage container system is different.

Now since I need to make two holders, eight containers in each holder for a total of sixteen. I am also using what I have lying around my shop.

I use 19mm ply for the sides and the four pieces. Now I could have cut it so the piece was long enough and then I could put the strips on the one single piece and then trim. However there are two reasons why I cut it this way first off with my table saw I am constantly fighting the house piles and secondly the piece of ply I had in my shop while technically big enough for the project only if I cut it in a certain way which is the way I cut.

The ply is slightly over sized cut and will get a trim once all the strips are on. With some scrape wood I cut thirty two strips (two for each container) on the table saw and then pass them through the thickness planer to make them all the same thickness.

With careful measurement I and ensuring I have got the first one as straight as possible I proceed to glue and brad nail the strips to the side panels. I use a spacer block to ensure they are evenly spaced and that they are at the right distance apart.

I repeat this process for all four side panels periodically checking to make sure I still have them pretty even and parallel. Once this is complete I then use the table saw to trim the edges to make them all nice and flush. I then use my cross cut sled to cut the panels to final height. I also mark which end is the top and so I don’t get myself confused. Which is very easy to do I might add.

With more scrap ply I cut the top and bottom panels on the table saw and mitre saw (an example is show why I could use the table saw in the video to cross cut because of house pile)

I then glue, brad nail and then screw the top and bottom panels on... I even do a test fit of the containers and all good so far.

The only thing left is to cut the back panel which again on the table saw and I glue brad nail and screw the panel on like the rest. I the let dry for a bit before I sand and round over all the edges.

All that is left to do is install the containers simply by sliding them in.

Now not all storage containers will work like this some may need to have a shelf to sit on which was another option I was looking at doing.