Introduction: Storage Hiding Bookcase

This Instructable is photos only of the bookcase I built to hide some storage by converting a wetbar space that was not needed. This Instructable is published after reading about: The Mysterious Bookcase by Stryker --- Stryker's Instructable is very good and if you need to build a hidden storage space you should check it out. I built an almost identicle bookcase door about four years ago. Mine may be a little wider than Stryker's because I built it to fill an opening where a wet bar had been. I installed a hard black rubber roller from Home Depot for mine mounted about the same as Stryker's. The bookcase I built was almost exactly the same as Stryker's with a 3/4" plywood box (sides and back) for strength. I have adjustable shelves like Stryker. What is really amaizing is that our trim wood is very, very close to the same and installed the same. My finish is a dark stain and clear polyurithan to match it to the wall that it was built into.