Introduction: Storage Rack for Screws Version 2.0

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In The first version of this project, someone suggested in the comment section that I Box the rack so that it is more sturdy, and to remove the rail stops so that one can remove the drawers to put them on the workbench near by when working on a project.

So i made these Mods to it and here is the result.

Step 1: Materials

Screws boxes.

a Box ( from a thrift shop).

18 x 18 mm wooden sticks.

Some short and long wooden screws.

Step 2: Tools

Step 3: Prep the Boxes

Remove the box covers as we don't need them for this project.

Cut off the side edges of the boxes with the cutter.

Step 4: The Drawer Rails

Measure the length of the screw box to know how much wood you need to make the rail.

Make sure you add an extra 5-6 cm of length to it. this will make the screw box extend out a bit more so you can have access to the last row of the screw in it.

Cut 2 rails for each drawer.

Drill the drawers and screw the rails in.

Now, measure the width of the drawer, and cut 1 wooden stick and screw it onto the 2 rails you just assembled. Repeat step for all drawers.

Step 5: The Frame Rails

Measure and construct the frame rails based on the screw box dimensions.

Install in the Frame box.

Step 6: Final Step

Glue the separators if you like and fill your new awesome rack!