Introduction: Storage of Things (5 or 6 Minutes Make)

What can be made during the tracks Paradaise Lost: Beneath Broken Earth time: 6:11.

What do you need:

- yogurt in plastic box (before make -eat yogurt, clean box)

- wooden strips

- screws and tools (saw, measure)

and idea.

Step 1:

Measure a plastic box: width, height and lenght.

Match cutting lines (pic. 3)

Important: add 1 cm distance to height of box.

Match to the box width of wooden strips.

Step 2:

Line the lines (my pictures lost from this step).

Sand the surfaces.

Step 3:

Assemble as in pictures.

Optionaly mount the rear wall (pic.2) - of course cut to the right dimension.


Fill thing up - in my case: screws, nails