Introduction: Store Your LEGO Minifigures (Simpson Version)

I'm not english so I will make some translate and grammar mistakes, thank you :)

Hi ,

In this project I will make my own frame for sorting my Simpsons LEGO Minifigures Serie 1 and 2

List of material :

Frame : I bought a 30 x 40cm frame in a Fench store called Leroy Merlin but you can find it anywhere
Glue : Loctite / Super Glue
Spray glue :
LEGO Bricks : 32 white bricks
Ruler :

Step 1: Edit and Print the Background

Download the background file called "Background simpsons.psd"

This file is my native photoshop file, so you can modify what do you want

I have choosen to print the file in a online professional printer (in my case called in France Photoweb) with a uality and rendering of a photo

You can also print the background on a Laser A3 Printer

Consider the constraints of your printer (buy on internet).

Indeed you have a difference between the standard format 30x40cm and physical dimension 40,7x30,5cm that you will receive, the printer expand 2% your print, so ask before you order your print

Step 2: Glue the Background

Before applying the glue on the frame bottom, prepare the photo

=> Maintain it with tape on its outline and on a sheet, in order to don't damage the photo

=> Apply spray glue on the frame bottom

=> Position and center the frame bottom on the photo, and maintain it to paste all

=> After a few minutes remove the tape

=> Cut out the picture that goes beyond the bottom

Step 3: Glue the LEGO Bricks

On the printed background you will find the bricks position printed(white squares), so it is very easy and fast to position and glue the bricks

paste one by one the bricks with glue (Loctite)

use a rule to horizontally align the bricks, and get perfect alignment of bricks

Step 4: Store Your Minifigures

Last step, store your minifigures