Introduction: Storing Resistors

Here's how I store my resistors:
Harbor Freight currently has these 18 compartment boxes on sale for $0.99. I remove dividers to end up with 6 compartments per box, each compartment measuring 110x35x28mm. Even half watt resistors fit easily in length. The vast majority of my resistors have values from the E12 series: 12 resistors per decade. Thus I decided for each box to contain the resistors for half a decade. From 1 Ohm to 8.2MegOhm, I need 14 boxes. Then I have an extra box for the resistors which do not fit: 10MegOhm and higher, non-E12 values. Each box is labeled on both sides and on top, and each compartment is labeled, re-using the sticker which came with the resistor assortment .I will use the same boxes for my capacitors; however not for integrated circuits, because of possible static charge buildup on the plastic.
(I am not affiliated with HF, just a happy customer).