Introduction: Storing Garden Tools With Style (aka Zombiewall)

Storing shovels, rakes, and all the other tools used in the garden can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. An artistic flare is often missing.

Step 1: Something to Put It On

We built a shed in the corner of our yard to replace the ugly tin shed that was poorly placed.

Step 2: Picking the Right Wording

Discussions about the exact wording went on for quite some time but eventually we settled on it. I created a Word document with Times New Roman at a font size of 430. I printed it out on eight or nine sheets of paper. Cutting the letters out as I went. All the sheets then need to be taped together. I tacked it to the wall and used a pencil to transfer the stencil. Followup with a black permanent marker.

To match the theme I used the Internet to find an antique scythe, which I think is a wonderful addition. I used screws and wire to affix the scythe which is also extremely dull at the moment.

Step 3: A Year Later

Turns out permanent marker isn't so permanent. The winter was hard on it and it was showing through. I got a new "king size" marker and touched it up. Took me about an hour and a half. It now has that freshly printed look once again.