Introduction: Storm Chaser Beach Activity (treasure Hunt)

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Storms have such amazing cleansing powers!

After the big rain storms the streets are cleaner, the creeks are cleaner, so much trash has been washed away.

It's gone away, away.

Step 1: Storms Wash Everything

And down the gutters goes trash and treasure, down the creeks and away.

Down it goes,

to the beach,

to the beach,

down to the beach.

Step 2: Bike Down to the Beach.

Follow the trash to the beach.

Ride downhill, enjoy the crisp clean air after the storm.

To the beach.

Find a beach near a creek or river. For eons they've been such a productive ecosystem areas with the mixing of fresh water, nutrients and saltwater. But now, they also mix trash, as though it's the new nutrient into the mix. We can recover it.

Step 3: From the Creeks to the Beach

The creeks have delivered their bounty.

Find a bag, preferably the ubiquitous plastic shopping bag, also know as the urban tumbleweed.

These are great to find when they are still fresh, before the relentless sun breaks them into tiny fish food flakes that start their way upstream through the food chain and back into our kitchens disguised as seafood.

Find them still fresh and hearty and able to hold the many other treasures washed from the upstream trash-shed (like a watershed for solids).

Step 4: Start the Hunt

After the storm, the trash and treasure are concentrated, out in the open and available for you, displayed in their full glory, before being worn down by the waves and ground into so many edible plastic micro particles. Now is the time to hunt the trash. Now is the time it's at full stature and so easy to catch as it basks in the sun, or frolics in the the waves, still in tact. If you hunt the elusive wave frolicking trash, always keep an eye out for big waves or sleepers, do not let the ocean out of your sight if you are within its reach.

Step 5: So Many Treasures, Captured Before They Can Spread Doom

You really can make a big difference after the storm.

Next time you are feeling cooped up inside, waiting out a storm.

Start planning the trip to the beach

for the discovery

the adventure

the many rescued items and plastic flotsam and jetsam.

Capture them before the wildlife is confused.

Step 6: Make a Competition or a Game

Who can collect the most trash in 30 minutes,

Or the most value,

Or the strangest item

or the best forensic story (theory or fiction) associated with the finds.

More than anything, have fun and do good at the same time.

Please comment to let us know about your best finds or biggest volumes.