Storm From Xmen Cape

Introduction: Storm From Xmen Cape

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What you will need:

Black fabric- I used leftover felt from the capelet I made previously

Gold fabric

Sewing machine


Needle & thread

Tape Measure


Marker or chalk

Step 1: Get Your Fabric

I began with the velvet which I had leftover from the round capelet that I made for Halloween.

I was very excited about this new cape, because the leftover fabric was quite an odd shape, but it matched this design perfectly.

If you are going to measure the half circles yourself then I would recommend going a little smaller than what mine were.

In total, mine span about 138cm each across the arm which was a little longer than what I needed and the reason I had to put a second loop in (thought that looks pretty badass)

I would suggest you measure from the tips of your fingers to the centre of your back - I got about 78cm

Cut out two half circles (and make sure that the velvet is facing the right way for both of them)

Then I bought a half a meter of the gold shiny fabric which I then folded up and cut across at 6cm.

I cut out 4 pieces like this so that I could line the cape

Step 2: Measure and Cut the Gold

So I took the gold fabric and folded it up as neatly and accurately as possible.

Then I measured 6cm and marked it and cut it all along the side.

This way I had a fairly neat length of the fabric

If you have a proper setup for cutting fabric then this is not necessary but I do not

Step 3: Round the Ends and Trim the Back

This step is only required if you are using scrap fabric the way I did.

Otherwise just cut and adjust the fabric to the right specifications so that it will look amazing.

Also make sure that the sections that will be attaching to the back are cut in a straight line

Step 4: Pin the Gold On

Begin pinning the gold. Try not to cut the end off just yet because as you sew, the fabric stretches and you have excess.

So try pin and slowly pull it straight.

I also suggest sewing quite slowly.

This fabric was almost sticky and needed a little guidance and nudging to get through the foot, so doing it a little slower would have made for a neater stitch on my part

Hem the gold all the way around or just on the bottom - whatever you fancy, it is your cape.

I only did mine on the bottom and sides, leaving the top bare

Step 5: Pin the Top

This is only necessary if you do not sew the gold all the way around.

I left the top part of the cape without gold so I had to go all the way around the to and hem it to make sure that it wouldn't fray

Step 6: Sew Everything

Now that you have everything pinned the way you want, it is time to sew these pieces on or down

Try to be a bit neater than I was, but know that even if it is a little rough around the edges, it still looks so amazing that you can't actually notice the small flaws

Step 7: Sew the Back Pieces Together

So the back of this cape, will need to be pinned onto whatever costume I end up making.

For this reason, I put them together and quickly sewed them so that they would be easy to pin

Step 8: Measure the Bands

Now the cape needs to be attached to me somehow

And because the pieces were a little longer than they needed to be, they draped quite low, so I opted to make two sets of bands for each arm.

measured around my wrist and elbow

I came to about 18cm for the wrist and 26cm for the elbow. Give or take

Do it according you your own body

Remember the fabric does have a bit of stretch as well

Step 9: Sew the Bands

Flip them inside out and do a straight stitch up the band

Then turn it the right way round

Step 10: Pin and Sew

Pin the newly sewn bands to the tops of the cape

To find where to put the elbow ones, I simply folded one segment of the cape (one side) and found the middle and pinned it to there.

Because the bands are already sewn, it will be a little difficult to sew it on the machine.

I opted to do these by hand

Step 11: And Voila

There you have it

Part one of the Xmen Storm costume

The cape is really stunning and already looked amazing on its own

There is a video below of the entire process I went through to create this.

There will be further posts and videos as I make the rest of the costume.

So far it has been really fun and I love this piece

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