Introduction: 'Storm in a Teacup' Chocolate Mousse Pudding

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Take a look at my 'Storm in a Teacup' Chocolate Mousse Pudding. It is delicious but also a bit of fun and could be an easy dinner party dessert. It is comprised of a chocolate mousse, a fluffy cream cheese-marshmallow fluff topping and some white chocolate lightning bolts. I have made instructables for the mousse and the lightning bolts, so please look at my other instructables for further information about making these parts. The rest I will explain here.

Step 1: Make the Chocolate Mousse

Take a look at my instructable to make a simple chocolate mousse. This is enough for 2 coffee cups, to serve 2 or 4 (as it is quite rich and sweet). Keep the mousse in the fridge, ready to use.

Step 2: Make the White Chocolate Lightning Bolts

Take a look at my instructable to make some white chocolate lightning bolts. Keep them in the fridge ready.

Step 3: Make the Cream Cheese-marshmallow Fluff Topping

Ingredients - 100g cream cheese, 4 heaped tbsp. marshmallow fluff, a drop of vanilla extract and a meringue nest (broken up) . You will need black food colouring (paste/gel, not liquid) at the final stage. Method - Put the above ingredients (not the food colouring) in a bowl and combine with a spoon. Put the topping in the fridge, ready to assemble all the parts.

Step 4: Put It All Together

You will need - chocolate mousse, topping, lightning bolts, toothpick, black food colouring paste (not liquid), knife. Assemble - 1. Take the chocolate mousse out of the fridge. 2. Spoon the topping evenly and gently over the two coffee cups. 3. Take a toothpick and some black food colouring and swirl gently into the white mousse. Don't use too much. 4. Take a knife and use it to swirl the colouring into the topping, to create a slightly grey swirly 'cloud'. 5. Add the lightning bolts to your cup, use as many as you like. 6. Serve immediately (or place back in the fridge, ready to serve).

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