Story Box - an Interactive Light Box for Telling Stories




Introduction: Story Box - an Interactive Light Box for Telling Stories

As lights usually only have one function – providing illumination. It will be an interesting idea to give them some playfulness. Story Box is a nightlight box that by putting a story boards in, the light will be turned on and cast shadow on the front. We can also change the light of the box to enhance the storytelling experience.

Step 1: Prepare Materials

These are the things we will be using: (If you don't have access to laser cutter, you can hand make the enclosure.)

Step 2: Construct the Box

Laser cut each piece for the box and put them together. Be careful to leave a crack on top and a few holes on the side. Make sure story boards can be put in and potentiometers can be reached from outside. Then, make the front board with a frame and tracing paper.

Step 3: Make a Few Storyboards

I also laser cut the story board. You can be creative and hand make it.

Step 4: Understand the Arduino Circuit

The circuit logic is shown in the picture. Understand it before you build it.

Step 5: Put Things Together

Follow the logic flow and build the circuit in the way that fits your enclosure.

Step 6: Remember to Make the Copper Tape Switch

Make the switch with your storyboards, so the light will be turned on when you put a storyboard in the crack.

Step 7: Upload the Code

Upload code to Arduino and test it.


Step 8: Enjoy!

After put a storyboard in, the shadow will be casted on the front. By turning the potentiometer, you will be able to change the color to match the story. And by turning all three to maximum, the light color will be looped. Enjoy a great story time!

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    Very nice! Great way to integrate art, storytelling and tech! Congrats and thank you!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very creative! I love this idea, especially for little kids!