Introduction: Straighten Bent Handlebar on Motorcycle

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I managed to fall with my motorcycle so that the handlebar ended up being quite much out of align with the front wheel. First step (if the location of the damage is not obvious) is to release and examine fork tubes. For that see for example . If there is lot of damage, get a professional to help or buy new fork tubes and other suspicious parts, your life depends on that. I also started the repair releasing the fork tubes from triple clamp and aligned things just eyeballing the centre part of the fork and wheel. And then it was obvious that the main problem is handlebar itself. Here's how I got things into bearable alignment again. This is no precision work, I can excuse myself with the fact that the handlebar was out of alignment already when I bought the thing, my fall just made it worse.

Things needed:
  • sturdy tree or lamp-post or something like that
  • strong beam that fits between fork tubes and gives leverage to keep fork from turning
  • cargo lashing belt
See images for usage. The point is to pull the bent end of handlebar towards the post with the strength a cargo lashing belts lever gives and at the same time use the post and beam to prevent fork from turning along with the pulling force.

Keep bystanders on safe distance and consider wearing protective gear in case the beam breaks or something else goes flying under the tension.