Introduction: Straightener Station

Maybe you've been in my shoes before. My wife got a super sweet travel straightener and she is JACKED UP!!! Straightening hair all over her pretty little head. The problem lies with what to do with a hot iron when done with the straightener and the thing is still hot as Ivanka.?. Well, I personally go straight into protection mode. Polish off a 5th of a really cheap bottle of Scotch. The single malt variety. Crap!! No scotch. Go to the local HESS station, and just .2 kilometers north. The gas station sommelier. And now i'm back in business.

I have the luxury of a really cheap K40 laser cutter. The file is included. I made this with 3mm hobby plywood and glued together with type III wood glue in case it gets wet.

Step 1: Files

This file is just made for a piece of plywood 3mm by 250mm by 300mm. The heat setting is 5mA and speed is 5mm/sec. It is not a clean cut. I should have either turned my heat up, speed down, or(most likely)cut twice. So if it happens to you, don't fret. just get the exacto knife out and do some clean up work. It's a little tedious but 30 minutes and you have nice clean cuts.

Step 2: To the Laser Cutter

These are just some timelapse videos to show how it works. Plus, it's super cool!!

Step 3: Not Quite Cut

After taking it out of the laser base there is no putting it back in. Moving a millimeter will not match up. Thus the exacto knife. Why didn't I run a test piece? I did. The little circles on the bottom right. But the long cuts just didn't do the trick for the long haul. Part of the job.

Step 4: Laser Cut Pattern With Knife

Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up. And do your share.


It makes tedious work go faster if you sing a little song. Not something that needs a beat. Just relaxing kids music.

Step 5: Finito

Well, it's been fun. But it's time for me to move on to the next job. Which happens to be a skateboard light fixture, and a fire pit coffee table. Hope you enjoyed. Check my profile page in the next few weeks to a month. I'll be adding the other stuff.

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