Introduction: Strange Random Insect [SRI]

Yeah yeah, zip ties are really useful. But what about making a useless diy just for fun? I had a few of them with different lengths and so I decided to make something cool and bizarre. I'll show you how to make your own Strange Random Insect [SRI] made out zip ties! You can use this as a gift or as a random movie or non movie prop :)

Step 1: Creating the Wings

- I passed 18 zip tie heads into 1 zip tie body, alternating them (1 facing to the right and 1 facing to the left) and leaving the remaining body (which will be the "head of the SRI) empty;

- I joined the first 3 zip ties together with the last 3 using a zip tie. I made this for both the right and left wings. Try to make a "D" shape like shown in the pictures;

- I joined the remaining lateral zip ties with the clumps that I just made (right and left) using two zip ties;

- I then trimmed the exceeding zip tie joints;

Step 2: Body Structure and Paws

- I took a longer and thicker zip tie, I placed it under the wings structure in line with the central part (leaving the empty body visible);

- I joined the two parts together with several smaller alternating zip ties facing down, placed between the wing's stripes (pictures) (I used 10 of them but you can use as many as you want). These will create our SRI paws;

- I then gave them a better "pawish" form using my fingers and trimming where needed;

Step 3: Back and Ribs

- With the SRI structure facing up, I added several zip ties to the body (use as many as you want), using the same alternation as the paws, this time moving them at a 20 degrees angle approximately (pictures);

-I then trimmed the Ribs leaving approximately 1,5 centimeter of zip tie body length (leave as much as you want according to the following steps);

Step 4: Lateral Body Stripes

- I fastened 2 long zip ties to the third right wing stripe and to the fourth left wing stripe (counting from the bottom of the wings structure), made them run through the Ribs (alternating them as seen in the pictures), inserting them inside the Body's thicker zip tie head, and locking them temporarily with a small iron wire lace;

- To better secure the lateral stripes, I fastened 3 zip ties (last 3 pictures): 1 at the base of the Paws, 1 in the middle of the Ribs, and 1 at the base of the Body Structure (before the thicker zip tie's head);

- I lastly added a few other particles like the connection stripes between Wings and Tail, and between Beak and Back...have fun customizing yours (trimming, using coloured zip ties and so on) as you prefer! :)

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