Introduction: Stranger Pumpkthings - Demogorgon Inspired Pumpkin

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I had the idea that I could morph a pumpkin into a clone of the stranger things (amazing show!) Demogorgon. I don't think I succeeded.

But the spirit of Instructables is to make and share so hopefully somebody out there with the necessary skill set can do better than me. In fact I'm so confidant that the chosen one is out there the best photo I see uploaded of a successful version of this pumpkin can have a three month pro subscription on me!

If you feel that this instructable has inspired you to butcher a squash please vote for it in the pumpkin carving contest, if nothing else just to make me feel better about the hideous creation literally going mouldy on my kitchen table.

Step 1: Marking Out and Disembowling

I started by marking out a reverse flower petal kind of thingy (check the photos). The plan was that once cut out the segments would open up like the stranger things demogorgon's face. If you've seen the show you will never forget it and know what I mean, if not google at your own risk.

I marked it out using a permanent marker, starting with a dot in the centre and just kind of guessing where it would all end up. Looking back at it perhaps should have cut the lid out first and used that as a template for the outer edge of the face (you will see why later).

Then the fun bit, I ripped the top off and pulled its guts out!!! (carefully making sure I didn't stab anybody but the pumpkin)

Step 2: Making Flimsy Flappy Bits

The whole idea of making an opening face revolved around removing enough flesh on the hinge bits of the face petals (this terminology is going somewhere new.....). I used a tea spoon to scrape away the flesh behind where i wanted it to hinge. I then used a pumkin carving saw to cut out my outline. On the first attempt I left 2-3 mm of flesh, which was a mistake as it split the skin. I fixed this by cutting a small skewer (made from an extra long/large match stick) and pinning it in place. The following hinges all worked better as I took it right back to the skin, if you place your fingers on the outside where you are carving you get a good feel of how strong the remaining skin is. I slowly worked these back and forth so that the skin became supple and didn't split again.

I did have to pin the two side flappy petals back with skewers too, but that was just because gravity wasn't being helpful and they kept swinging back in!

Step 3: Making the Mouth Hole and Teeth

I used the lid as a mouth hole/teeth holder, this is why i said earlier that i should have used it as a guide because i could have made it fit the face hole a lot better.

Any way, I used a pairing knife to cut small pumpkin seed sized indentations into the inside of the lid. then I forced the seeds into the flesh, which is harder than it sounds, once they are out of there they don't want to go back in!

Looking back now I could have found a more suitable work space for this step than my baby maker region.

Step 4: Gorification and Done!

I painted the edges and around the teeth with red food colouring and that was it!

As I have said I really hope somebody with some artistic flair can fulfil my vision, so get at it!

Thanks for reading, please vote for this in the pumpkin carving contest and most importantly HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

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