Introduction: Strap Wraps

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Quick hack for tie down straps- increase contact friction to improve holding power by making these simple sleeves to slip on tie downs.

Friction is a function ofsurface contact area, force and the coefficient of friction.  When I car-top my kayaks, these three variables are what I have to work with.

Ratcheting up the force is the simplest way to increase the holding friction.  However, this can strain and stress a boat, an expensive investment to damage! 

Commercial racks increase the surface contact area with special cradles.  Unfortunately, these are expensive and reduce the general function of the rack.

Sleeves of non-slip rubber to augment the friction easily secure my boats.  It's cheap and general, rather than brute force or elaborate racks. A more simple solution.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Step 2: Construction

Fabrication is straightforward, however, most flexible epoxies release poisonous vapors so work in a well ventilated area.
  1. Unroll the non-slip material and cut in 12" sections.
  2. Lay out sections on top of non-permeable paper.
  3. Apply a thick bead of epoxy in a 2" wide - zig-zag along on edge.
  4. Fold non-slip material over, onto the epoxy. 
  5. Use a spatula to press the flaps together and keep your fingers clean.
  6. Let cure per the epoxy's instructions, outdoors preferably.

Step 3: Wrap-up!

Simply slide the sleeves over what you use for tie-downs.  My initial wraps have lasted 6 years of use and actually hold better as they've gotten worn and wrinkly.

I've also found that there is no longer any need to ensure my tie-down straps lay flat across my kayak.  In fact, when the sleeves bunch up, and twist around the straps, I get the best holding power. An awesome tertiary advantage, I can throw the straps on sloppy and quick- with better performance!