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Introduction: Strategy Exit Room Escape Game

this is a work in progress project so some of the description is currently written in the future

a video of the game all links to scripts powerpoint etc will follow once we have run the game and know how it works hope you enjoy reading about my idea if you do please like comment and vote for me in the contests this is my remix of blooming_fern

Always one for a party it's my turn to host NYE 2017 and I wanted to do something a little different to entertain my guests so thought oh fancy dress what do we have in common that we like. ? Answer The walking dead. Then I thought zombies Lets make an exit room I have a spare room to do it in

Lets 's Star with what an exit room is
An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. The games are physical versions of "escape the room" video games.

I have around 12 guests and hope to do it in 2 groups and take around 30 min to play then 15 min to reset ready for the next group. as I don't want to be away from the party all evening the puzzles won't be to hard

Step 1: List of Materials

This one is entirely up to yyour own personal preference of what you have to hand you need things for your party go is to rummage through to to find or hide clues in

Chest of draws
Filing cabinet
Bullet casings
Uv pen and torch
Gas masks
Nerf guns
Storage boxes
Old clothes

You get the idea

Optional :
Go pro / web cam
Smoke machine

Step 2: The Puzzles

After working out what puzzles and challenges you are going to set. you now have to work out how to theme into your game. Not all games / puzzles have an objective as some are just read herrings and small side projects

As we where doing zombies and 2 mates are off to Russia for NYE 2017 I decided on a zombie mutant fallout bunker after a nuclear meltdown
I then left clues to the date that Chernobyl shut and printed off a wiki page with info to hide in files for them to find. This would then be a code on a lock. No information as to which one then they would have to try all codes on the coded locks as some are padlock and key

I printed a map off and used Google to translate happy New Year in Russian then hid the clues in Braille and then put that across the map also printing off a Russian translation alphabet to hide in some files or a book for them to find and translate the map.

Now the fun one a zombie virus vaccine which as it was new years eve we decided to make an alcoholic cocktail. Having your measure out equal amounts to make a cocktail to immunise them from zombies. We had 4 vials one being a trap of chilli so choose wisely. The others where vodka. Cranberry juice and grapefruit we then coloured the vodka and grapefruit to get the colours we desired with food colouring.
The end objective of this game was to find the 3 digit code to a gain access to a suitcase in suitcase is a key a gun and some ammo and a clue to the next clue.

As I had several padlocks and lots of doors with no locks on we asked our guests to use their imagination a little. if a lock was on something you could just open normally be truthful and play the game find the hidden keys. We then hid the keys in clothes bags books etc

As an end objective we decided to get our guests buzzing for the return back to the party downstairs to finish with them finding neurf toy guns and the exit code for the main lock. Then a video message plays on the screen (done from the control room next door more info ) a pre recorded message fromu our traveling friends in Russia. They open the door and on the windowsill a couple of meters away are some zombies heads printed on paper and raped on empty tin cans for them
To shoot.

That's about it for main puzzles but we then hid keys and gun ammo all over the room in lockers picked old biscuit tins anything really

Step 3: Control Room

You can do this any any way you choose or not at all but I felt it added a hopefully slightly more immersive experience so I set up a projector and screen over the window ran the cables round under the door in Timmy bedroom ten connecting a monitor multiple adapter to the PC I could see my desktop and the room screen then next to me have a 3rd output so I could see what the game screen was doing.

You can do this without a projector using a tv. PC monitor and plug in your laptop etc or go old school Create a DVD get your guests to play and pause.

I wanted to use a video introduction so set about compiling videos and making a PowerPoint presentation so all I had to do was hit next slide on the que point and it would auto start I then picked a stock background picture of what looked like bunk beds in a fall out shelter to add to the theme and decor.

To spot the cue points I had pre planed in the game I used a GoPro wireless streaming to my iPad and placed it as a live feed in the room so I could spot if they where struggling and or cheating then when they found a code or a key I would play the next slide on the screen.
Links below to power point on google drive.

I have the use of lots of gadgets and cool toys so I set up the smoke machine in the room hidden away so I could set it off and play a video of some mates in gas mask shouting gas is getting in hurry ! to gee them along.

We placed 2 way walkie talkies in the room to call for tips if they got stuck. We wanted it to feel as real as a fall out bunker as you could in a spare room.

For the more observant. Some of you may have spotted the Russian text at the bottom of each slide that's a red herring it's just says happy new year and leads to nothing just a side game really.

Step 4: Video Warning Adjust Your Sound This Can Be Loud

intro video to get the guests settled in and set the theme

video of guests playing and hopefully enjoying our hard work will be available shortly after NYE 2017 download on drive

Step 5: Links

this may or maynot be of use it was our google drive scripts so me and a mate who helped plan the puzzles could communicate contains map prints blueprints etc

power point slides

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    5 years ago

    i love escape room, thank you


    5 years ago

    Great post, thanks for sharing. I have heard that escape rooms is a new trend now. I found some escape room locations in LA. I have never experienced with it before but it was a blast. So entertaining and fun. I spend a great time there.