Introduction: Strategy Guide to Winning Ghost Stories

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Ghost Stories is one of my favorite collaborative board games. For 1 - 4 players, you each play taoist priests with special powers designed to help you protect the local villagers from ghosts. The game can be very challenging to win and has a pretty steep learning curve. I decided to create this video to help anyone familiar with the game learn one strategy to win. 

I created this tutorial with the iPad version of the game. The rules are identical to the tabletop version, the only difference being that the iOS version only supports two active players. The major bonus to playing this on the iPad is that all the mechanics of the game are automated, so if you're unsure on how certain aspects of the game play out, the computer does it for you. It's a fantastic way to learn the game!

This strategy video is really geared towards those who have played at least once and are familiar with the basic rules. If you're curious about the game, I highly recommend watching Grudunza's game review on YouTube. His videos provide a great overview of the game rules and really compliment the rulebook.

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