Introduction: Straw Flute

This is a funny little toy. It can be used for many annoying purposes, but can also sound cool and impress people at lunch and at fast food restaurants.

P.S this is my first instructable and I hope you like it. Please comment recommendations in the comments. Also please follow, I would like to make more.


A mouth

Step 1: Finding Straws...

I recomend using fast food straws and other slightly thicker straws.

Step 2: Cutting Mouthpiece

For this, you take the scissors and cut out a tip at the top of the straw. It should look about like this, and have the point cut through both sides.

Step 3: Cutting Holes

To cut the holes, pinch the straw and cut out a triangular hole. It should look like this. Make sure that the hole is on the top of the straw and that it is on the side that is shown in the image. You should cut about 3 evenly spaced holes.

Step 4: Finishing Up the Mouthpiece

For this, pinch the 2 sides of the straw together so they would buzz when blown into.

Step 5: Let There Be Noise!

Insert the mouthpiece 3/4 of an inch into you're mouth and blow. This should create a buzzing noise.

Step 6: Trouble Shooting

The two pieces might not be fully pushed together.

You might be blowing to hard

The straw might be broken

You might not be blowing hard enough