Introduction: Straw Rockets

Have you ever wanted to do something that is fast and easy to do and can be shot into the sky? Well then the star rockets are for you. The straw kets can be shot up in the air for fun or for personal use like hitting a button across the room. These are easy to make and can be made in 5 minutes.



2.Hot Glue/Glue






Step 1: The Bendy Part

Cut the bendy part off of the straw if its on the straw

Step 2: Wrap the Straw

Wrap the straw with paper till its tight BUT not to tight or the air will not be able to propel the rocket. Then cut off the rest of the paper off. Then tape the paper to make sure it stays.

Step 3:

Then cut out a circle of paper. Cut a 4th of that circle out. once you have done that make a cone shape with is and tape/hot glue the cone together. The glue the cone to one of the ends of the paper.

Step 4: The End

After you finish everything grab a straw and a rocket and blow to see it fly

Step 5:

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