Introduction: Strawbees Ferris Wheel

Supplies needed


14 single key strawbees

4 bendy straws bent to about 30 degrees

1 bendy straw cut off the bend to length of about 9 cm

1 straight straw cut in half

Step 1: Base

Attach white straws as shown to create a base

Step 2: Wheel

Attach 5 9-cm long straight straws to a 5-spoke strawbee do this again so you have two

At the end of each straw attach single strawbee to 6-cm long bendy straw (cut off the bend)

Then attach two more straight straws to a 2-prong strawbee, then take a single prong strawbee and attach vertically to hold the 5 spoke straight straws together

Do these steps again and now attach both to the axle

Step 3: Wheel and Axle

1 bendy straw cut off the bend to length of 9 cm, attach to top of base 3 single key strawbees

Use 1-cm piece of strait straw for a spacer, attach

attach both 5-spoke wheels, then one more 1-cm spacer and place the 1 single key strawbee to secure

Step 4: Final

Attach wheel to base and spin