Introduction: Strawberry Cap Cake

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Having a strawberry party & want something other than a sheet cake with a strawberry picture?

Try out this strawberry cap cake!

You can make it more from scratch or more from mixes. I chose the latter. :)

And let me know if you think this cake was a success or a flop.


Here are similar products to what I used, but you can alter it to fit your needs.

Also, you might want to use a different flavor combination...I used what was available at the time. :)

  • cake mix
  • store-bought icing
  • this frosting (Cool Whip- I think I used extra should only need one container, gelatin)
  • green fondant
  • green icing (optional)
  • offset spatula (or whatever type of utensil you'd like to use) & knife
  • paper towels

Lookout for what I might use if I re-did the project & could choose anything!

Step 1: Bake & Make

Bake your cake in 2 layers.

You can bake them in 2 different size pans, or you can trim on layer slightly smaller.

If they crumble some when you take them out of the pans, not to worry! (See the beautiful picture above...haha). We'll slather & "glue" it together with icing shortly.

Also, start making this icing ahead of time. It needs time to chill.

Step 2: Ice

Ice the bottom later with a crumb coat, using the ready-made icing. It really helped to zap the icing in the microwave for a very brief time.

Wipe the plate around the cake with a damp paper towel after each icing coat to clean it up.

Step 3: Layer & Ice

Layer your smaller cake layer on top & frost the same way, smoothing the layers together.

Wipe the plate around the cake with a damp paper towel after each icing coat to clean it up.

Chill the cake.

Step 4: Ice Again

Now ice your cake with the frosting that you made with Cool Whip & gelatin earlier.

Wipe the plate around the cake with a damp paper towel after each icing coat to clean it up.

Chill again.

Step 5: Leaves

Roll out your fondant & cut out leaf shapes. Make veins on them with a knife.

Make a stem too.

Step 6: Add the Cap

Add the fondant leaves & stem to your cake. Mine slipped, so it might help to make the leaves thinner &/or use toothpicks to secure them (just don't let anyone eat those toothpicks!).

Step 7: Embellish

Add your darker green cookie icing to the leaf veins & cap. Spread it around with the paper towel.

This is optional, but can add a little detail.

Step 8: More Embellishing

This step is also optional, & I think I'd omit this part if I did it again. I probably needed to cover up a mistake (watch for the IGTV video to see that...).

You might want to chill the cake again before this step.

If you do want to make it look like your strawberry is coming out of grass (I realize this isn't how strawberries grow...haha!), just make a ring of icing at the base of your cake, making some drips as you go. Then, drag a knife or spatula vertically, making "grass blades."

Step 9: Enjoy & Think of Improvements

Enjoy your cake & think about what you might improve or change in the future!

Don't forget to add these DIY strawberry cake toppers if you want a little extra strawberry decoration on the strawberry cake!

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If I re-did this project & could choose any products, here's what I might try:

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And let me know in the comments, do you think this was a success or a fail?

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