Introduction: Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate Teacup


It is a teacup and saucer completely made of chocolate and edible and is sealed to enclose a strawberry cheesecake ganache. DELICIOUS!!!!

It is a luscious Praline., I think.........

It is a Unique chocolate dessert presentation....not only pleasing the eye but also teasing the tastebuds.

Being relatively simple to make, it makes a beautiful gift item.

Step 1:

For the teacups:

white or dark tempering chocolate 120gm

strawberry cheesecake filling(for 1teacups)

1 cup cake crumbs

1 tsp strawberry jam

2tsp cream cheese(i used mascarpone)

2 cubes (4tsp)white chocolate.


a silikon muffin form(bought mine from ikea)

a tea saucer

aluminium foil

parchment paper


Step 2: Tea Cup

1.Temper the chocolate till smooth and liquidy

2 Put 2 teaspoons of chocolate in the muffin form.

3. swirl around and spread the chocolate all around the form.

4. place the cup upside down on a parchment paper for any excess chocolate to run out.

5. after hardening hold the cup again a light and check out for any holes in the chocolate coating.

6. patch up the holes with the same chocolate batter. and cool again.

7. gently remove the chocolate cup from the form by peeling down the edges of the silicon cup.


Step 3: Saucer

1. Place a saucer on a piece of all foil.

2 wrap the foil around the saucer so that the botton of the sauce is completely covered.

3.smoothen out the foil with your fingers so that it snugly fits on the saucer.

4. press down to show any relief on the saucer.

5. Placing the saucer upsidown, pour the chocolate in the center. read it out completely to cover the whole bottom of the plate. let excess drip off. with your finger smoothen out the edges.

6. place own a parchment paper to cool and harden.

7 once hard, carefully open the foil and separate the foil from the chocolate saucer.


Step 4: Handle

Draw a ? on a parchment paper wit a marker.

Turn it over.

fill up a piping bag with chocolate batter.

carefully trace out the handle with chocolate.

add decoration now if you wish to.

let it cool and dry.

when hard peel it off the paper. attach 2 small blob of chocolate to both ends and fix it onto the cup.

let the whole cup harden in the cold once again.

Now the whole teacup and saucer is ready.

You could either leave it this way to fill it up with pralines or desserts....I sealed it up with cheese cake ganache.

Step 5: Strawberry Cheese Cake Ganache all the cheesecake ingredients in a bowl and mix.

2. melt some white chocolate and mix into this mixture. wait till it completely cools

3. spoon the mixture into the chocolate cups till almost full. Pack it with some pressure.

4.spoon over a blob of white chocolate. spread it to seal the open end with a spatula

5. I garnished it with some sugar could also dust with some chocolate/ cocao powder.

___--------the lovely strawberry cheesecake cups are ready.------______

Enjoy a COOL CUP of chocolate strawberry cheesecake cup!!!!!!

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