Introduction: Strawberry Hearts

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Making strawberry hearts to add to Valentine's Day desserts, is super easy and a great way to add a splash of red colored love. As you will see in the next few steps, both the center and the outsides can be used to very delicious ends.

Let's get lovin'!


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Step 1: Supplies

- medium sized ripe organic strawberries
- small heart cookie cutter
- small paring knife
- cutting board

Step 2: Bisect the Strawberries

Wash your berries.

Cut them in half so that you end up the widest, flattest pieces.

Place the cookie cutter in the center of each half and push down.

Remove the centers (hearts).

And that's it for the small center hearts. Use these to decorate cakes, cupcakes, ice-cream, or float them in cereal or porridge. Use these to add love to any meal!

Step 3: Chocolate Dipped Reverse Hearts

As a twist on chocolate dipped strawberries, dip the leftover strawberry halves in melted chocolate or un-set pudding (as I've done here). For either method, chill before serving.

Step 4: Share the Love

The only thing left to do is eat (and share) the love!

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